Cancer Council Australia

Annual Review 2015-2016

Chair's Report

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Mr Stephen Foster

The 2015-16 financial year has been one of new directions for Cancer Council Australia, following changes to its Constitution and the appointment of a new CEO in August.

Professor Sanchia Aranda is a nurse by background and has an extensive 35-year career in cancer control in practice, education, research, health service management and Government. She is also well known internationally for her leadership roles in both the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). In November 2016 Professor Aranda will become President of UICC, the third Australian to hold this role, with both previous incumbents being CEOs of Cancer Council Victoria.

Cancer Council Australia is blessed to have a world leader as the CEO and is enjoying the benefits of Professor Aranda's diligent focus and deep breadth of experience. The continued positioning of Cancer Council on the international stage also helps to ensure that our work has global relevance, is world class and is benchmarked among the best cancer charities in the world.

Under Professor Aranda's guidance, the Board welcomes the emerging strategic directions for Cancer Council with a greater emphasis on equity and the quality of cancer service delivery and a relentless focus on where we can make the most impact for those affected by cancer.

My appointment in July, as the first independent Chair of the Cancer Council Australia Board, followed a renewed emphasis on modernising the governance of Cancer Council Australia. This governance work has continued, with a refreshed Constitution to be put forward at the next AGM. As part of these changes, and with the introduction of term limits, the Board of Directors has also undergone considerable renewal. We have farewelled directors Sandro Porceddu, Sandra French, Bruce Hodgkinson and Stephen Roberts and thanked them for their efforts over many years. We have welcomed capable new Directors nominated by Cancer Council Australia's members with attention to the skills needed on the Board.

The work across the federation to ensure that Cancer Council Australia can operate with focus and clarity has deepened – as have the efforts of CEOs and Chairs across the federation to explore how to work most effectively together on matters of national import and impact. While Cancer Council Australia’s role continues to be one that enables and supports the work of the state and territory Cancer Councils, there is a growing need for strong and effective national approaches on many matters in the changing charity landscape.

As an organisation with national reach and covering all cancers, both rare and common, we have an obligation to do all we can to expand the impact of the vital work of Cancer Councils.

Cancer Council Australia is proud to have the trust of so many Australians who give funds to support the work of the federation. We know those donations are precious, a sign of trust in us, and given in hope of making a big difference in combatting cancer. Those generous donors, the Australians affected by cancer and the families supporting them, alongside the health professionals and researchers giving their all to find cures and more effective treatments, deserve our most focussed efforts in tackling cancer. Cancer Council Australia is committed to delivering that full effort.

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