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Annual Review 2015-2016

Cancer Forum

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Cancer Forum is Australia’s leading cancer review journal for multidisciplinary health professionals working in cancer control and care. It is published by Cancer Council Australia and is the official journal of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia.

Cancer Forum is published in March, July and November each year and provides an avenue for communication between all those involved in the fight against cancer. Each issue features an in-depth forum on key aspects of cancer treatment and control; articles, research reports and cancer news; and a guide to national and international cancer meetings.

In 2015-16 the forum topics and expert guest editors were:

  • July 2015: Cancer survivorship – Dr Haryana Dhillon
  • November 2015: Prostate cancer – Professor Ian Olver and Professor Villis Marshall
  • March 2016: Pancreatic cancer – Professor David Goldstein and Dr Lorraine Chantrill

Our dedicated Cancer Forum website enables users to search, download and print individual papers and articles; email or forward papers to colleagues; and access archives back to 2001.

In 2015-16 the website received nearly 60,000 visits.

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