Cancer Council Australia

Annual Review 2015-2016


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Cancer Council Australia was formed in 1961 as the Australian Cancer Society, when the then six state cancer organisations agreed to establish a federal body to promote cancer control at the national level.

Cancer organisations in the ACT and the Northern Territory were formed later and joined the society.

While state and territory Cancer Councils continued to deliver most of the research, patient support and education programs, the federal body’s primary role was to develop independent national cancer control policy.

In 1997 the member bodies agreed to expand the society, appointing an expert Chief Executive Officer and specialist staff to build the profile of the organisation and its role in national cancer control policy. It was renamed Cancer Council Australia.

By 2007, the national and member organisations had uniformly adopted the name Cancer Council and the daffodil, a global symbol of hope, as our common logo.

Over the past 55 years, Cancer Council Australia has transformed from a small secretariat to a strong federal body that has become Australia’s peak independent authority on cancer control.


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