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Annual Review 2017-2018

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Research highlights

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In 2017, Cancer Council directed over $60 million to research grants for vital research projects across Australia, across all types of cancer. Cancer Council directly funded $41 million, with a further $19 million contributed by our research funding partners.

Our research contribution makes us one of the biggest non-government cancer research funders in Australia. A report published by the Australian Government in 2015 showed that we fund more research projects and provide a greater investment than all other cancer foundations in Australia combined.

We also fund three times more research projects, and make a significantly greater investment, than the collective cancer research support of all state and territory governments. The research we support covers all cancer types at every stage, from prevention and risk through to early detection, diagnosis, treatment and support for patients and their carers.

We fund researchers working in Australia’s leading research institutes. Projects are funded on the basis of scientific merit and are awarded on competitive, peer-reviewed assessment to ensure the most thoughtful use of community fundraising, donations, bequests and merchandise sales. Our structure enables national coordination, priority-setting and economies of scale to maximise the value of every dollar to direct to research.

Some of the research topics include:

  • developing new treatments
  • finding new ways to overcome drug resistance
  • discovering new ways of targeting cancer cells
  • identifying genetic mutations that can improve our understanding of cancer causes and treatment
  • improving cancer diagnosis
  • preventing future cancer cases improve mental and physical health in survivors.

Cancer Councils also undertake their own research. Across the nation, Cancer Council research teams lead on projects that help:

  • improve and enhance cancer screening programs
  • understand and track Australians’ cancer risk behaviours and improve prevention programs
  • improve cancer support programs for cancer patients and their carers
  • understand the causes and risk factors for cancer, including less common cancers
  • develop programs for those living beyond cancer
  • track cancer trends across Australia through cancer registries, including managing Australia’s only childhood cancer registry.

The breadth of Cancer Council’s research investment is only made possible by the generosity of the Australian community, with projects directly funded by donations, bequests and income from fundraising events.

Full details of the research projects and programs funded in each state or territory by Cancer Council in 2017 can be found in Cancer Forum.

This page was last updated on: Thursday, December 21, 2017