Cancer Council Australia

Annual Review 2017-2018


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Cancer Council Australia Board

Our Board oversees the strategic direction and policy-making activities of Cancer Council Australia. The Board comprises:

  • an independent Chair appointed by the Board
  • a nominee from each state and territory member organisation
  • three additional nominees, one each from NSW, Queensland and Victoria, nominated by the respective member board
  • a Consumer Director, appointed by the Board
  • a nominee from the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia, appointed as Associate Director.

Board members are bound by a code of ethical standards, outlined in the Our People section of this review.

The Board met five times in 2016-17. An Annual General Meeting was held in November 2016.

Board committees

There are three Board committees:

  • the Executive Committee consults with the Chief Executive Officer on managerial and other issues delegated by the Board
  • the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee oversees the audit of business and operational matters, identifies and manages business risk, and advises on matters relating to financial performance and budget development
  • the Governance Committee oversees and advises the Board on issues relating to the current review of the constitution and on other matters relating to governance.

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